Experience sound as it's meant to be.


Experience sound as it's meant to be

Enjoy music more deeply and track the health and fitness of your body with an in-ear device tailored exactly for you. With a better fit and feel, you’ll never go back to off-the-shelf again.

In ear monitors improve sound even at the lower registers

With the handheld AURA 3D Ear Scanning system, musicians can be fit for custom in ear devices before the show or on the road without the hassle of a silicone impression.

Improve in-ear hearing aids

The “close enough” fit of hearing aids and custom tips for RIC devices have long been tolerated by wearers and audiologists alike. AURA captures the shape of the whole length of the ear canal, including changes caused by jaw movement for a more exacting fit.

Better fitting hearing protection

At a construction site, on stage, or the deck of an aircraft carrier, custom fit hearing protection is essential. With AURA, a simple digital scan captures dynamic jaw movement and your ear’s unique dimensions to create a precisely fit-for-you device.


Accurate 3D Digital Ear Scanning Technology

All ears are shaped differently, yet fitting methods for in-ear devices today have a limited ability to map the nuances of individual ears. AURA scans individual ears to generate 3D images that are used to create personalized in-ear devices.

Ears in Motion

AURA measures the motion and shape changes in the ear canal. When the jaw moves during talking, eating, singing, or yawning, the ear canal changes shape. With an AURA 3D ear scan, a product can be designed to reflect your unique movement profile, giving you better sound performance and fit.

Safe and Comfortable Deep in the Ear

AURA’s all-in-one video otoscope and digital scanner creates a digital representation of the ear canal with detailed measurements captured deep in the ear and close to the ear drum.

Fast Automated Workflow

3D models can easily be shared electronically, shortening the production workflow, and allowing you to finally hear what you have been missing.

3D Digital Scan tympanic-membrane


AURAs video otoscope

AURA’s video otoscope provides clear visualization to the ear drum. Otoscope images and videos can be saved and shared.

AURA 3D ear scan final result

AURA generates a 3D scan using state of the art optics and algorithms. A membrane conforms to the shape of the ear, collecting measurements and eliminating interference from hair and wax.

Make more informed decisions about custom in ear products

You can review the data to discuss the various product options before ordering and see the effect of jaw motion on fit.

Create custom in ear products using digital scanning

The 3D model can be rapidly transferred electronically to any device manufacturer for creation of hearing aids, ear plugs, ear buds and other custom in ear devices.

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