The Scanning Process

The 3D scanner digitally maps the topography of your ear all the way down to your eardrum.

A disposable membrane is inflated to conform to your ear’s unique anatomy and a 3D digital model is built in real time using the digital data points collected.

The data is digitally modeled to suit the specific type of earpiece. The digital model is 3D printed.

A truly personalized fit – Earpieces are crafted to the unique geometry of your ear, offering a comfortable, immersive listening experience – true to you, and only you.

We’re not about fitting in.
We’re about fitting you.

Our ears are like snowflakes-no two are shaped the same, not even our own. Yet we all continue to settle for ill-fitting, so-so sounding earphones. It’s time to put an end to that trend.
Lantos empowers tailor-made earpieces, for an exact fit with noise blocking qualities and ahhh-inspiring comfort.

Our Solution –
Technology Enabled, Mass Customization of Ear Products

Our proprietary digital ear scanning technology provides unparalleled ease, speed and accuracy to produce comfortable,  custom-fit earpieces that more effectively deliver, reduce and block sound.


  • The easy, two-minute process is safe, comfortable and accurate
  • Portable, onsite scanning by non-medical professionals
  • No need for an audiologist or silicone injections

Partner with Lantos

Want to partner with us to use our ear scanning technology for your project? Lantos wants to hear from you!