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Press and News Items

Press Release January 2014: Lantos Technologies Names Industry Experts to Key Positions

Press Release March 2013: Lantos Technologies 3D Ear Scanning System Gets FDA 510k Clearance

Boston Herald, March 2013, Now hear this! Scanner makes big impression.

MedGadget, March 2013, Lantos 3D Scanner for Imaging Ear Canal Approved by FDA

Wired Magazine, March 2013, This Ear-Canal Scanner Lets You 3-D Print the Inside of Your Head

Boston Business Journal, March 2013, Lantos hears FDA’s acceptance of 3-D ear scanner loud and clear.

WGBH Greater Boston with Emily Rooney, May 2012, MIT’s IdeaStream Symposium 2012 (VIDEO)

Press Release Mar 2012: Lantos Technologies Launches World’s First 3D Direct Ear Scanner.

Hearing Health & Technology Matters Jan ’12. Nice mention by blogger K. Ray Katz about Lantos in post: The Time is Almost Here!

Hearing Mojo Jan ’12. Lantos Technologies Has A Working Demonstration Of World’s First Digital Ear Canal Scanner

Frost & Sullivan Award May ’11.  Frost & Sullivan Identifies Lantos Technologies’ Pioneering ERLIF-Based 3-D Digital Ear Scanner as a Key Enabling Technology. Scanner is expected to become the default standard for audiology practics.

Hearing Mojo Feb ’11.  Why Lantos Technologies’ Search For The Perfect Earmold Is A Game-Changer For The Hearing Aid And High-End Audio Industries.

Xconomy Sep ’10   “[Today's ear canal mold methods] only capture one shape of a patient’s ear canal … because they don’t take [head and jaw] movements into account, the resulting hearing aids can lose their seal in the ear canal and cause irritating noise feedback. Lantos … able to solve such problems caused by poorly fitted hearing aids”

MIT News May ’10  “Patients usually have to spend about an hour with an audiologist, who fills the patient’s ear canal with a gooey silicone substance. After about 15 minutes, the gel hardens into a mold that is removed from the ear and shipped to a hearing-aid manufacturer, who scans the mold and builds a custom-fit hearing aid using a 3-D printer.

With the [Lantos 3D Ear Scanning] system, scanning the canal takes only a few seconds and the entire fitting process takes only a minute or two.”

New York Times June ’10 The Idea Incubator Goes to Campus.

MIT Tech Review July ’09  A Better Fit for Hearing Aids.

Fast Company Magazine October ’09  MIT’s 3-D Digital Scanner Dives Deep Into the Ear

Audiology Online Interview October ’09  3D Ear Canal Measurements. An interview with Douglas Hart, PhD.