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The Lantos Ear Scanning System uses patented technology to map the unique 3D geometry of the ear. The Lantos membrane, which protects the camera and the client’s ear canal, is placed into the ear where it gently inflates and conforms to the curves of the ear. This controlled environment inside of the membrane, free of wax and debris, facilitates the accurate capture of over one million data points. The single-use membrane ensures maximum safety and hygiene while delivering a deep, precise ear scan that can be used to make any custom-fit earpiece.

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data points per ear

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at MIT

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FDA 510K

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Protected by
70+ patents

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Digital work flow
efficiency and speed

Better experiences, better outcomes

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Accurate deep ear scans without the risk or discomfort of an old fashioned earmold impression.

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Fast, seamless product delivered through a complete digital workflow.

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Additional custom product orders obtained without an additional office visit.


Leadership team


The Lantos leadership team is deeply experienced in and focused on hearing healthcare and manufacturing excellence with the goal of enabling personalized hearing solutions.

Headshot of Paul Harkness Chief Executive officer of Lantos Technologies
Paul Harkness
Chief Executive Officer
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Headshot of Joe St. Cyr Chief Technical officer of Lantos Technologies
Joe St. Cyr
Chief Technical Officer
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Headshot of Jim Vogrin. Vice President, Practice Implementation
Jim Vogrin
Vice President, Practice Implementation
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Headshot of CarrieJo Hoelzel Senior Director, Customer Experience of Lantos Technologies
CarrieJo Hoelzel
Sr. Director, Customer Experience
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Headshot of Erin Henry Senior Director, Product Management of Lantos Technologies
Erin Henry, AuD
Sr. Director, Product Management
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Headshot of Sonali Parikh, Sr. Director, Finance & Human Resources
Sonali Parikh
Sr. Director, Finance & Human Resources
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Headshot of Travis Brew, Director, Marketing
Travis Brew
Director, Marketing
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Headshot of Brian Fligor, Founding Clinical-Strategic Advisor of Lantos Technologies
Brian Fligor, PhD
Founding Clinical-Strategic Advisor
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Headshot of Susan Whichard, Founding Strategic Advisor of Lantos Technologies
Susan Whichard
Founding Strategic Advisor
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