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3D ear scanning technology enables better outcomes. Better performing devices for end users, an improved experience for capturing the geometry of the ear, enhanced business opportunities for audiologists and practice owners, and a simplified, streamlined process for producing custom hearing devices.

The Lantos 3D Scanning System creates a digital image of the geometry of the ear by collecting over 1,000,000 data points, from the outer ear into the canal and past the second bend. The Lantos System uses a patented inflatable membrane that acts as a proxy for the custom-fit device and collects data regardless of hair, wax, moisture and lighting.

The Lantos System includes LantosView™, a cloud-based user interface that encompasses the 3D image rendering during the scan through to the device ordering portal for a seamless, streamlined digital workflow. The end result is a precise personalized product, delivered to the end user more quickly, through a convenient and memorable experience.

Faster device turnaround
means custom-fit products in the ears of your patients sooner.

1,000,000+ data points per ear
per ear enables better-fitting hearing solutions, while reducing remake and can’t-build rates.

Enhanced patient experience
featuring a quick, comfortable and simple process.

Membrane-based technology
mitigates common challenges to ear impressions such as hair, wax, moisture and lighting.

Better experiences. Better outcomes.

Fast, accurate deep ear scans without the risk or discomfort of an earmold impression

Improve product turnaround time through a simplified digital workflow

Place reorders or order additional custom products without an additional office visit

  • My experience was very pleasant. I liked that I could see everything that was happening.

    – Kaitlin M., Patient

  • Incredibly interesting! [The scan experience] was fast and comfortable. I was very impressed by the clarity of the image. Also, I have a mastoid bowl and that scared off another traditional fitter; this handled my special case exceedingly well.

    – Aaron A., Patient

  • It is hard to even begin to compare to earmold impressions. Scanning is quick and it’s painless. I could hear during the process and it’s interesting to watch.

    – Doug P., Patient

  • I was delighted by how comfortable and fast the Lantos ear canal scan was. This is definitely the best way to get fitted for hearing aids and ear plugs.

    – Anne H., Patient


The Lantos System improves operational efficiency with a simplified, digital workflow.

Online ordering

Instantaneous delivery of scan to manufacturer

Faster final product turnaround



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