Lantos Technologies is a growing team of renowned audiologists, engineers, musicians, pro audio professionals, medical device executives and advisors who all share a single goal: to modernize the process for creating personalized hearing devices that deliver superior fit and performance.

Our History

Founded in 2009 at MIT, Lantos Technologies was conceived by technologists who believed in the power of personalized hearing devices and that new technologies could improve the process for mapping the unique geometry of the ear.

The founding team immediately began looking into scanning as an alternative to the standard earmold impression process—a process that is essentially unchanged since the late 1800s. It quickly became clear that traditional light-based scanning methods used in other medical applications are not well suited for the ear for a variety of inherent factors. These include: 

  • Tight confines for inserting cameras and similar devices
  • Complex twists, turns and contours of the ear’s natural topography
  • Physical obstacles like wax and hair

The epiphany that shaped the future of Lantos Technologies was that these challenges would all be solved by lining the ear with a thin, balloon-like material that could serve as a proxy for the ear’s unique geometry. This soft, inflatable membrane would present a uniform surface that, unlike the ear’s natural surface, could be easily, accurately, and efficiently mapped to produce a superior 3D image file. Further, the artificial surface would conform to the ear’s natural compliance, acting as a proxy for an ear device and accounting for variance in the flexibility of tissues in the ear in a way that optical scanning simply can’t. The solution, clearly, was a membrane-based scanning system.

This simple idea presented significant technical challenges to develop. However, with the conviction that membrane-based scanning was not only achievable, but also the best possible high-performing, scalable 3D ear scanning solution, the Lantos team embarked on a technology development process that would take nearly a decade to bring to market. This journey culminated in March 2019 with the US launch of the Lantos 3D Scanning System at the world’s largest gathering of audiologists, AAA 2019.

Today, Lantos is rapidly expanding its network of Lantos Ready clinics and partners across the United States.


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