Lantos Technologies is a diverse collaboration of audiologists, music lovers, engineers, and hearing health experts who share a single goal: to deliver 3D ear scanning technology that will make personalized hearing products available to everyone. We aim to improve the quality of people’s lives through personalized hearing solutions that offer superior fit, comfort and performance.

With the launch of the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System, Lantos has modernized, streamlined and elevated the process for creating personalized hearing products. The Lantos System uses patented technology to create a 3D digital rendering of the unique geometry of the ear, from the outer ear through the canal and down to within millimeters of the eardrum. By capturing the anatomy of each ear with digital precision, Lantos ear scans enable the production of custom-fit hearing solutions that deliver superior comfort, improved stability in the ear, enhanced audio quality, and greater feedback reduction and noise cancelation.

The Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System offers efficiency and technological differentiation that can be used to drive return on investment and new revenue-generating opportunities. End users benefit from enhanced efficiency, safety and comfort during the fitting process, in addition to the superior outcomes associated with products made from Lantos scans. The Lantos System has been used to scan more than 25,000 ears, earning praise and acclaim from both providers and end users.

Consumers and hearing healthcare patients have given Lantos a glowing Net Promoter Score of 83, indicating an extreme likelihood to recommend the Lantos System to friends and colleagues. The average response to the question of “how likely are you to recommend the Lantos System” is 9.5 out of 10, where 10 is “would definitely recommend.” Further, 81% of audiology patients say that the Lantos System improves their perception of the providing clinic, and 62% of consumers who’ve had their ears scanned say that they considered purchasing new or additional products because of the Lantos System.

Lantos is creating the new standard of care for hearing health, elevating audio performance, and enabling the next generation of innovative in-ear products. With scanners currently deployed across hearing healthcare practices, universities, hospitals, consumer audio retail and multiple branches of the military, Lantos is actively developing exciting new products to round out a complete ecosystem that empowers our vision and leverages data to generate long-term value for our customers, partners, and shareholders.

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