In the high quality in-ear headphone market, today’s consumer demands a device that offers both music and voice clarity to support a fast-paced, active lifestyle. Custom eartips fit seamlessly around the original manufacturer’s form factor, enhancing the product’s comfort, stability and performance to deliver a truly premium audio experience. Discover how a personalized fit can help you meet the daily demands of commuting, conference calls, exercise and travel, and more. 

Most homogenous consumer in-ear headphone options choose convenience over fit, providing a few varying sizes of eartips that follow the “one size fits most” methodology. However, every ear is unique, like a fingerprint, and your ears  deserve better than the status-quo. Lantos is making custom-fit the standard for in-ear productsm, enhancing products with digital precision through a quick, convenient fitting experience. 

Outsmart the competition with the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System. Featuring proprietary membrane-based technology, the Lantos System captures the geometry of the ear with digital precision for a final product that is designed specifically to the end user’s unique ear geometry. Lantos 3D ear scans live in the cloud, enabling fast-turnaround manufacturing of the full range of in-ear products. The same Lantos ear scan can be used for unlimited orders and reorders from a wide array of manufacturers, promoting total hearing care through products that cover the gamut of professional, recreational, and wellness needs.



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