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For professional audio engineers, on-stage musicians and audiophiles on the go—crystal clear sound is critical to an ideal user experience. This hold true whether the goal is to tame the loudness of an arena stage or create the perfect environment to melt away and enjoy critical hi-resolution audio listening. In either case, custom in-ear monitors (CIEM’s) offer exceptional fit, superior audio performance, consistent attenuation and enhanced comfort for extended use.

You can support these unique needs from your office or their venue with the highly portable Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System. The Lantos System offers the ability to accurately capture outer ear, down to within 4mm of the eardrum—the data needed to produce an ultra precise, highly attenuating, comfortable-fitting device.

The demand for CIEM’s marketed to the audio engineer, musician and audiophile is growing and the products these discerning individuals desire come with a higher Average Sales Price (ASP), than those for normal consumer audio applications. Stay at the forefront of this market with the state-of-the-art Lantos System and offer the utmost customer experience and premium final product.

And with an integrated system that expedites the process from scan to production with the Lantos Cloud, you can count on rapid ordering and overall turnaround time for maximum convenience at every step.

Set the tone for high-quality, memorable care by providing audio professionals and audiophiles with the custom-fit products they didn’t know you offered.



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